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Don’t want to bake it yourself? Order one from us, and we’ll deliver it. (click here)



Q: Can I order challah for delivery? 

A: Maybe! If there is challah available it will be in our online store. If there is no challah in our store, then sorry, no challah for you. 

*Unless you want to order 30 loaves or more. Then shoot us a lil email with what you're thinking: challah@challahhub.com


Q: So what's the deal?

A: We experimented with a subscription model (with deliveries every Friday), but now we just sell challah when a little challah voice comes to us in our dreams and says, "give the people challah."


Q: What is Challah Hub? 

A: So many things. Challah Hub creates original, kosher, vegan, and absurdly delicious challah flavors. Any merchandise and challah currently available for delivery can be found in our online store. 


Q: Do you offer gluten-free challah?

A: Nope. 


Q: Are you kosher? 

A: Yep! Certified by the Rabbinical Council of California. 


Q: Are you vegan? 

A: We use all vegan ingredients. Our official certification is in the works. Our challah is made in a bakery that also processes egg products.


Q: I have a special event I'd like to see if you guys can help out with. What should I do?

A: Neat! Email us at challah@challahhub.com and tell us whatcha thinkin' and we'll see what's possible!


Q: Do you only offer challah?

A: We also offer towels and challah covers. But they're much harder to chew. 


Q: Do you deliver outside of Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley?

A: Currently we do not. 


Q: Can I freeze my challah?

A: You know it! Just toss it in the freezer in the bag, and when you're ready to eat, take it out, and let it defrost on the counter for a few hours. Easy as pie! Er... challah.