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Home delivery is back! 
First Friday deliveries will be starting January 4th. Order now! 


Challah Hub is everything you knead and more.

Pop-up challah sales, special holiday home deliveries, fun events, and more. We're a tasty, playful, and modern twist on an old classic, guaranteed to please more than just your mama. 

Elina Tilipman, Co-Founder

Sarah Klegman, Co-Founder

An international creative business woman and the reason anything gets done around here, Elina is the queen of Jewish geography. You probably already have at least one facebook friend in common. When she isn't thinking up unique and tasty recipe ideas, she's fostering community growth on the LA East Side with the NuRoots Fellowship and loves discovering the next hottest thing to do in Los Angeles. @eelisam

A writer, host, and storyteller living in LA, Sarah is the voice behind Challah Hub, and takes full responsibility for the arguable appropriateness of the sh*t we say. When Sarah isn't elbow deep in dough, you'll find her world performing at festivals and conferences all around the world, appearing on baking shows, writing stories, and getting all up in your podcast apps for her own show, called "What's Wrong With You?" 
Learn more about her @sarahkleg


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