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Original Challah - Delivery May 3
Original Challah - Delivery May 3

Original Challah - Delivery May 3


Order now, get it MAY 3rd! Anything but plain, this bad boy is sweet -- but not too sweet. Fluffy and rippable -- but strong enough to support a solid schmear. Made with obsessive love, and braided by hand, our OG Challah wants nothing more than to be put in your face.

We mix the dough, let it rise for hours, braid it, sing to it, let it rise again, sprinkle it with the magics of our people (calorie-free), and finally - bake it.

Once your challah is ready, it pops out of the oven, screams, “LET’S DO THIS,” and then flies itself across town, coming in for a smooth landing right on your doorstep.


Water, Yeast, Sugar, Flour, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Shortening.


On the first day, seal your challah in the bag, or wrap in foil, and leave it on the counter. If you make it to day two or three, we recommend makin’ sandwiches, or toast, or french toast.

RCC Kosher certified.